News from the Village of Bradford

In an effort to keep the Bradford community informed with State and Federal issues a few changes have been made to the Bradford website.

Under the “Government” drop down menu, two new pages have been added.

The first is “2020 Census”.  This page has a link to the federal Census, which is important to the maintenance and growth of our community.  It is through the census that government funding is determined for all communities, including Bradford.  So please take the time to complete the census.  There is also a link to a report that shows how some of the funds determined by the census are distributed.

The second new page under the “Government” drop down menu is titled “Other Governmental Information.  It is on this page that various websites to our State and Federal officials, offices and agencies have be listed.  (It is through this page that you can gather more information regarding the COVID-19 Virus.)